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By | March 3, 2017
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Windows XP (codename during development – Whistler; internal version – Windows NT 5.1) – Operating System (OS) family of Windows NT at Microsoft.  It was released on October 25 2001 and is an evolution of Windows 2000 Professional.  XP The name comes from the English.  experience ( “experience” “impressions” 3).

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Unlike previous Windows 2000 which comes in both the server and the client versions Windows XP is the only client system.  Its analogue server is Windows Server 2003. Although Windows Server 2003 and is based on the same code as Windows XP almost entirely inheriting its user interface portion Windows Server 2003 still uses a new and revised version of NT 5.2 kernel;  appeared later Windows XP Professional x64 Edition had the same kernel as Windows Server 2003 and received the same security updates 

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so that you could talk about the fact that their development was the same.  XP Windows received a brand-new user interface that is significantly different from that has already become familiar from previous versions such as Windows 95 98 and Me.  Subsequently Windows XP became the most popular for many years.  Due to low system requirements and a good support of both new and old hardware delivers high performance in a wide range of configurations

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